Handwritmic Barbara’s Oblique Penholder


Oblique penholder with flange for Nikko G (nib included). Developed with Barbara Calzolari for her and her Spencerian students, the specifications of the flange were carefully crafted to ensure proper nib position (adjusted to the Nikko G) and flexibility.

This penholder is slightly thicker than the Handwritmic CLASSIC oblique penholders (see photo for comparison), is suitable for everyone and especially recommended for those with large hands or who prefer a fuller-bodied instrument.

The flange is adjusted for Nikko G nib (and for nibs of the same shape Zebra G, Zebra G hard, Zebra G titanium). As Barbara has advised her students, it is still possible to use the Hunt 101 and Principal EF nibs. The Hunt 56, Hunt 99 and Hunt 22 are slightly shorter than the Nikko G, though you can still use them. If a nib does not lock perfectly into the flange, you can give the protruding tab a little squeeze with pliers. Entirely Made in Italy, the penholder is made of cherry wood (amber hue with variations in tone) and painted with food-industry compatible paints, therefore non-toxic and still protects the wood (ink stains can be washed off)

Penholder length: 170 mm – Maximum thickness: 14 mm

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