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Terms and conditions of use apply exclusively to the business relationship between Calligraphystore.it and its customers. By placing an order online, the customer accepts the terms and conditions stated below.


All the product prices sold in Italy include VAT.

Calligraphystore.it reserves the right to change the price of products and shipping costs at any time. However, price changes will not affect orders already placed unless the customer has communicated a variant (of model, quantity, or shipping method). In that case, Calligraphystore.it will either request the client to pay for the difference or issue a refund.

If the customer requests a change of shipping method, a surcharge will be required (or a refund will be issued if the newly selected shipping method is cheaper).


EU customers with a VAT number can request an invoice at the moment of placing their order or within 7 days of purchase by sending an email to amministrazione.calligrafia@gmail.com

Orders from customers from non-EU nations (e.g. Switzerland) are exempt from italian VAT if the goods are destined for those nations. If delivery is to an address or pickup point in Italy, however, VAT will be charged.

Minimum cart

Generally there is no requirement to reach a minimum order amount.

Exceptions are:

(a) some products that have a minimum quantity required.

(b) a minimum order amount required to obtain a discount.

Discounts, gift certificates and promo codes

Coupon policy is at the sole discretion of Calligraphystore.it. Discounts apply to products and not to shipping fees.

Terms of payment

The goods are shipped only after payment is made, in the case of bank transfers shipping is not immediate as crediting to the account takes a couple of days. To speed up the procedure, the customer can send an accounting of the transfer. In any case, the customer who concludes an order with a bank transfer payment method is committed to the next payment. For the list of payment systems please refer to the relevant page.

The site uses third-party tools for payment processing and in no way comes into contact with the payment information provided.

Shipping terms and conditions

The email provided by the customer when placing the order will be used to send the order confirmation and any other communication regarding the order. The customer's telephone number will be used for communications from the courier necessary to inform about the delivery status and may occasionally be used by Calligraphystore.it for urgent communications.

It is the customer's responsibility to provide exact shipping information, including any name on the intercom (if different from his/her last name), name of the company at which to deliver, street, house number, postal code, municipality and province. The customer must also be present to pick up the package.

The courier will make two delivery attempts, if the second attempt is also unsuccessful due to the customer's absence or inaccurate delivery information, it will return the package to Calligraphystore.it and the customer will have to make a new payment to have the package re-delivered.

In case of a change of address, once the package has been taken over by the carrier, the customer will have to pay calligraphystore. It for a new shipment.

Acceptance of the goods

Upon receiving the package, the customer has the right to reject the package if it shows signs of damage that may affect the condition of the contents.

The customer has the right to:

1. Accept the package but express a reservation by stating to the courier "I accept with reservation right"

2. Reject the goods because they are obviously damaged.

If, as a consequence of point 1, the customer should find out that the goods have been damaged, he/she must notify sales.xmark@gmail. com within two days of receiving. Calligraphystore.it will be fully responsible for this. A second shipment of the products found to be damaged or unserviceable will then be made.

In the case explained in point 2, Calligraphystore.it will contact the customer to arrange a new shipment.

If, due to Calligraphystore.it's responsibility, any products are missing or do not match what was ordered, Calligraphystore.it agrees to send the missing goods in a second shipment.

Conditions for returning goods

The customer has 7 days from the date of order to request the replacement of nonconforming or defective goods not due to shipment.

The customer must provide documentation by writing to sales.xmark@gmail.com.

Calligraphystore.it will make sure that the defect is attributable to the product and not to the customer's use of it.

Defect is defined as:

• Poor condition (signs of breakage, shape defects, signs of wear, split nibs).

• Malfunctioning (pen does not write).

In the case of return of a defective product, Calligraphystore.it will be in charge of shipping fees.

Right of withdrawal

The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract, even without giving reasons, within 14 days from the day of receipt of the goods. The customer must inform Calligraphystore.it by email to sales.xmark@gmail.com.

In the case of return because the customer has changed his mind, shipping fees will be in charge of the customer. After checking the integrity of the products will follow reimbursement (normally by the same means of payment chosen by the customer), excluding transportation costs.

Goods are to be shipped back to X MARK, via C.Battisti 14, 13836 Cossato (BI).

Refunds may be suspended until receipt of the goods or until the consumer proves that the goods have been returned, whichever is earlier.

Product quality and conformity

Calligraphystore.com guarantees that the products for sale correspond to the image with which they are presented, except in some rare cases where a product is out of stock and is replaced by a similar one with the same qualities.

Regarding the colors of pens and inks, we would like to warn you that the picture may not exactly represent the color of the object.

In the case of wood products, variations in hue are completely natural, so a difference from the picture should not be a cause for complaint. The timber from which products are made is never perfectly uniform. Therefore, the hue (light, dark) and the type of grain can vary. In the same way, a particular grain pattern, more pronounced in certain places, is not to be considered a defect.

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