Speedball oblique penholder


Speedball oblique penholder for copperplate. It makes it easier to maintain the required slant of the pen (see photo). This penholder is suitable for beginners due to its affordable price.

These are the fine-pointed nibs from our catalog suitable for this penholder:

They are perfect:

Hunt 22 and 99. Gillott 303 and 170. Hunt 100 can also be used.

The nibs that are not recommended for this penholder are:

Brause Extra fine 66B which is too small (disappears into the nib housing).

Hunt 56 and 101 are too long.

Mitchell Post Office, Shakespeare and Index are either too big or too long for this penholder.

Nikko G, Zebra G, and all other Tachikawa nibs are too long and would not be centered in relation to the center of the penholder.

Gillott 404, Leonardt EF Principal, Leonardt III EF, Brause Steno, Ecoliere and Rose are a bit too long.

This penholder is obviously not to be used with the Mitchell elbow.

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